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Naples, Florida – 2014, "Village Green”

Artist Singer for the Concert:  “I Have A Dream

Tata Hungary - 2014

International Festival With "The Used Cars".

Catania, Italy – 2013, “Lucio Dalla Amphitheatre”

Vocalist Singer in the “Tribute to Lucio Dalla” with the Composer and Singer Rosario Di Bella;...

Catania, Italy – 2013 ,“Zafferana Amphitheatre”

Vocalist Singer with the Composer and Singer “Rosario Di Bella”.


Agata Scuderi was born in Catania, with the early age goal of artistic growth, which inspired her to follow three parallel approaches from the age of fourteen.

She attended the methodical and rigorous study of the Polyphonic Choral Singing with Maestro Lucia Calvagna; 
Agata Scuderi also studied the "Bel Canto", which focused on various styles of Modern singing with Maestro Giuseppe Puglisi; She also studied foreign languages at the University of Catania in the Faculty of Languages and European Cultures; 
Agata Scuderi has the ability to sing in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian), and has an extensive career experience, including live concerts and performances as an international Singer in Naples Florida, Los Angeles,  Montecarlo, Sofia Bulgaria,  Tata Hungary, Spain and in Notthingham, England.

Agata Scuderi began her career at the age of 16 years old, in the "soprano voice" with the "Camerata Polifonica Siciliana"  Polyphonic Choral and Orchestra directed by Maestro Giovanni Ferrauto; With the most acclaimed Soprano's in Italy: the Opera Singer Katia Ricciarelli.

She produced the single "Don't you worry", with Dj Sanny J and Discoplanet Records, and which was released on the compilation album “Midnight Sun”, also available in the iTunes library in various versions, among which pop and remix, and which achieved a great success in the most important clubs and networks in Spain. The song was published, along with an interview on Jocksmag National Music magazine directed by Renzo Arbore.
While seeking professional growth and experience, and having obtained significant results in numerous provincial, regional and national music competitions, Agata Scuderi has grown thanks to her competiveness and determination.

She was also speaker of "Radio Smile" network, widespread in Sicily, from 2000 to 2006. And the official voice of Dj Alex Spagnuolo with whom Agata Scuderi produced several dance music projects with among which, the cover of "Russians", the single "My Fear" produced by Discoplanet Records. 

On 2013 Agata Scuderi sang in Sonrisa's project single "Right Now" feat Faxbeat & El Montrico.  The song produced  by Max Riolo, Silvia Riolo LaDj And Alex Spagnuolo published By Stop & Go/ THE SAIFAM GROUP,  Right Now has become a big hit in Israel, is also available on iTunes, and has more than 650,0000 views.

Agata Scuderi also worked as a Vocalist with the Singer  and author Rosario Di Bella, with whom she performed in 2013 at the "Lucio Dalla Tribute", in the Amphitheatre of Milo, a unique event in Sicily, created by singer and composer Franco Battiato and presented by famous TV and radio personality, Red Ronnie. From 2008 to 2013, she performed as an Artist singer in theatres and cruise ships (Costa Cruises - Carnival Group).

In 2014, she remade several international songs in four languages; English, French, Spanish and Italian, with David Elliott in Naples, Florida, with whom she musically and vocally rearranged international hits like "What A Wonderful World." She has performed in the USA in concerts and events with extraordinary success, and is widely sought by producers and concert hall owners to perform as an international singer in the United States.

She is currently producing the single "A Shadow In The Desert " with the "Orange Italy" record label, a song which sees her as author and composer. She is also collaborating With the musician and arranger Andrea Maddalone on a remix, of an acoustic and unreleased version of the same song.

Next is the release of an Ep Album entitled, "Tremblin Flame" written by Nicola Bottini of "Used Cars", with which she has been collaborating for the last year. Recent performances with the band includes the International Festival of Tata in Hungary, in 2014.
The arrangement of her albums was made  by her in collaboration with Paolo Muscolino, who has produced and published with Orange Italy, a well known and established record label in the Italian music industry, that has produced many successful albums.


Agata Scuderi: un talento Made in Italy che ha conquistato il pubblico della Florida (USA)

Agata Scuderi è una cantautrice e interprete di origini siciliane, la cui passione per questo lavoro l'ha portata ad esibirsi come cantante in giro per il mondo in posti come Inghilterra, Bulgaria, Ungheria, Spagna, Montecarlo e Stati Uniti. Una vita caratterizzata da tantissime soddisfazioni, ma anche da altrettante rinunce e sacrifici, come la...

Agata Scuderi, da Catania alla conquista degli Stati Uniti

Dopo Inghilterra, Bulgaria, Ungheria, Spagna, Montecarlo e ovviamente Italia, per Agata Scuderi, l’Europa è diventata stretta. Adesso, per la cantautrice siciliana, l’obiettivo è conquistare gli Stati Uniti. Il “passaporto” e le carte sono in regola per fare il grande balzo, grazie al talento, formazione musicale, versatilità canora, oltre al...

Rassegna stampa video Sonrisa

Sonrisa e' un progetto targato Stop & Go/ THE SAIFAM GROUP, che vede una perfetta fusione di stili, uniti dal comune denominatore che e' passione per la musica in tutte le sue sfumature. "Tutto e subito" al giorno d'oggi e' la frase chiave, vita reale e virtuale sono separate da un filo sottilissimo che corre lungo il web, ma i sentimenti ed i...



Right Now (feat. El Montrico & Faxbeat)
Single di Sonrisa


A Shadow in the Desert
EP di Agata

dont worry

Don't You Worry (feat. Agata)
EP di DJ Sanny J